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  • Team Creation
  • Team Menu
  • Privilages System
  • Experience and leveling system
  • Amazing Handlingย :slight_smile:

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ESX Teams is a script designed to help servers have a very advanced criminal/team/organization system by handling and storing details while also offering some quite unique features. Script is developer friendly by offering the server and the developer some very nice tools to make resources using esx_teams serverside and client side exports


Privilages System

Privilages system offers team leaders to unlock unique skills and abilities like the examples i have made in the script, every single privilage can be created from the config file and of course can be exported to another script


  • Team Creation
  • Team Menu
  • Privilages System
  • Responsive NUI for all those stuff
  • Experience and leveling system
  • Script is pretty lightweight for what it actually does
  • Amazing Handlingย :slight_smile:


  • Grade Nui Icons
  • Built in kill reward system(can be turned off and on via config)
  • All Team privilages
  • Team Settings such as Levels and the requiremnt Experience needed to update to another level

The script is fully open source so you can edit every single notification so dont worry about that

Server Exports

  • isInTeam(jobName)
  • isTeamBoss(identifier)
  • getPrivilage(team,privilage)
  • getTeamPrivilages(team)
  • addPrivilage(team,privilage)
  • removePrivilage(team,privilage)
  • getTeamLevel(team)
  • getTeamExperience(team)
  • addTeamExperience(team)
  • removeTeamExperience(team)
  • upgradeTeamLevel(team)
  • downgradeTeamLevel(team)
  • setTeamLevel(team,level)
  • deleteTeam(team)
  • createTeam(jobname,playerid)
  • setTeamOwner(team,playerid)

Client Exports

  • getClientTeamExperience(job)
  • getClientTeamLevel(job)
  • isClientInTeam(job)

Availabe Commands

  • /setteamlevel [team] [level]
  • /upgradeteamlevel [team]
  • /downgradeteamlevel [team]
  • /setteamowner [team] [id]
  • /createteam [teamname]
  • /delteam [teamname]
  • /addprivilage [teamname] [privilage]
  • /removeprivilage [teamname] [privilage]
  • /addteamxp [teamname] [exp]
  • /removeteamxp [teamname] [exp]


  • es_extended
  • mysql-async
  • Note that script is build and tested on ESX 1.1




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