QRP Throw – Yeeting with your friends

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Description :

Yeet shit at your friends, because it’s funny

Included in this free script are two pieces of functionality:

  1. The ability to pick up and throw objects (defined by a list) around the map. You can also define a max and min force value to vary the speed and force at which the objects yeet through the air.
  2. The ability to create a prop into your hand to yeet at your friends. I’ve included a test-command calledย throwpropย which attempts to create the prop you define as the first argument. You should remove this in favour of whatever system you want to use to spawn props and probably add some sort of permission system. That’s out of the scope of this resource.


In order to use this resource, you’ll need the following:

  • A brain
  • (If you want to use the included pick-up system) bt-target
  • The ability to not spam my DMs on Discord for support


Drop the resource into your project, ensure it in server.cfg and enjy.


Edit the config inย config.luaย to your hearts content.


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