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Our website address is: https://thefivemguy.comย  respects DMCA policies and copyright law.

We are a merchant web store where scripters, mappers, and creators can upload their work to our shop. If you see that you want to remove your product afterward, or did not upload it by yourself, you can contact us at any time to remove your work. respects copyright and intellectual property to its rightful owners.

Contact: [email protected]

Please tell us:

  • Your name (copyright holder)
  • Your complete address (home or company)
  • Link to the copyright-product to remove (for example

Whenever we received your mail, we will answer within 48 hours to find a solution.
Please make sure to include all information above to proceed with the request.

If in case there is an infringing content youย believe it must be removed then contact us to remove it immediately. We wonโ€™t even ask you for verification details.


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