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FiveM texture loss – how to fix

FiveM Texture Loss – How to Fix

Are you struggling with missing textures, invisible roads, or poor graphics quality? Then you can probably solve these problems with the following steps!

  1. Delete your cache folder from FiveM. To do this, go to the FiveM folder, Application Data, and completely delete the contents of the “cache” folder.
  2. Make sure to always start FiveM fresh – that means: Don’t go to a server, go back to the main menu and back to the server. It always starts from scratch.
  3. In the settings, set the texture quality to “medium” or “high”, and not to “very high”.
  4. Make sure that FiveM (and Grand Theft Auto V) are in their original condition. That means: Uninstall any mods that you might think are causing the problem!
    a lot of cars/citizens in one place can lead to crashes or these graphics problems!
  5. In general, it should be ensured that no other graphic mods are installed!
    Do you need more help? Then contact us at support – we will be happy to help too!

After those steps, you should not have texture loss again!

By the way: Sometimes it depends on the server. Make sure to ask the server owner if other people have those problems. For example, Cayo Perico is responsible for glitching, sometimes!

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