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Phone Number Issues ESX Server

Hi, since the new version of ESX essentialmode was removed and now you need to change some things server.lua Change this To Thisย  I Hope, this will fix your issue on your server.ย 

The best FiveM anticheats (FREE)

  Hidear FiveM users! ???? Many server owners struggle because of cheaters, modders and hackers. There are a couple of hacks and mod menus for FiveM and money hacks for ESX framework. ???? Hackers are quite annoying but there are a couple ofย anticheat resources for FiveM. Here you can find a summary of the best […]

FiveM texture loss โ€“ how to fix

Are you struggling with missing textures, invisible roads, or poor graphics quality?ย Then you can probably solve these problems with the following steps! Delete your cache folder from FiveM. To do this, go to the FiveM folder, Application Data, and completely delete the contents of the โ€œcacheโ€ folder. Make sure to always start FiveM fresh โ€“ […]

How to install maps to a FiveM server

Hello! In this short tutorial we will explain how you can install maps to your FiveM server! First, make sure to have a valid FiveM map downloaded! [Optional] You can buy premium ones from here. A valid FiveM map has a _resource.lua or fxmanifest.lua file inside the folder, as well as a folder called โ€œstreamโ€. […]

5 things that make your FiveM server successful

Hi there! Running a FiveM server can be quite hard โ€“ or even frustrating sometimes. 90% of the servers fail because they did not focus on the main things they should focus on. We will show you how to run a successful FiveM server. Community matters Listen to your player base โ€“ but don’t make […]


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