[Standalone] Wave Admin Menu


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  • Built-In admin Moderation & Ban system
  • Easy to Install
  • Included Installation Instruction
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What is Wave Menu v1โ“

Wave Menu is an Admin Menu been made to manage server, and server players usingย RageUI. The menu has a built-in ban system with auto-ban ID generation.

:gear:ย Wave Menu Feature :

  • Ban System. Wave menu has itโ€™s own ban system which stores all player IDs aย .jsonย file. It generates a ban ID and provides it to banned players.
  • Kick players. Ability to kick players, and provide a reason.
  • Teleport To Player
  • Revive
  • Freeze / Unfreeze
  • Slap ofc
  • Clear Inventory

:adult:ย Admin Menu

  • God Mode
  • TP To Marker
  • Fast Swim
  • Fast Sprint
  • Super Jump
  • Inf Stamina

:envelope_with_arrow:ย ESX ACTIONS. Wave Menu supports ESX Actionsย [Must be set to true in config]. Here are itโ€™s features.

  • Revive
  • Heal
  • Clear Inventory
  • Give Money
  • Give Item
  • Set Job

:hammer_and_pick:ย Manage Serverย | You can do the following

  • Global Announcement
  • Clear Chat
  • Refresh Resources
  • Start Resources
  • Restart Resources
  • Stop Resources

:technologist:ย Developer Menu. You can do the following

  • Clear Area
  • Hard Clear Area
  • Create Blips

Full Discord Logs of menu actionsย :wood:

:red_car:ย Admin Vehicles. Gives you the ability to spawn an admin vehiclesย [Must be set in config.lua].

1 review for [Standalone] Wave Admin Menu

  1. Adam perkins (verified owner)

    Good admin menu, some flaws like not being able to unfreeze players, not able to kick. but otherwise its decent especially for free!

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