Fitness, BMX Competition & Beach Activities
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Fitness, BMX Competition & Beach Activities


  • ESX Compatible
  • Optimized Resource
  • Works at 0.02-0.03ms

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Preview :

Group Synced Yogaย 123

Thats right. Group Yoga, led by a ped/local instructor.

  • Follow along with her instructions or she will kick you from the session.
  • Perform different emotes starting with stretches, leading into breathing, and finally Yoga.
  • Upon completion, will give you a temporary speed boost (You can set the time in the Config)
  • Fully synced, will allow other players to join and will all be on the same step, seeing the same thing until you mess up. Once the session is over, she will reset after 8 minutes (Can change in Server.lua)

BMX Competitionย 107
Yep, a BMX Competiton. Located at the beach as well. This one is pretty straightforward

  • Talk to the ped and grab a BMX Bike, or bring your own if you own one.
  • Once again, talk to the ped and ask him to โ€œRecord your Scoreโ€.
  • Once interacted with, begin your awesome sick tricks to gain score.
  • After the time passes (Change it in config.lua) youโ€™ll be told your total score, for you to share with your friends.

Itโ€™s great for friendly competition, or even spicing it up into paid events, or just to boast to your friend about how much better you are at being a pro bmxer than they are.

Weight Lifting!ย โ€“ Each of them accessible by the ALT-Menu, includes animations.

Doing any of the three exercises at any of the equipment locations (Set up for the beach, but anywhere workout equipment exists will work) will:

  • Get you ripped. Eventually, getting ripped enough will cause you to gain a Damage Boost to your unarmed damage. Perfect for getting the edge before fighting events, or to just challenge someone to a quick one on one.
  • Working out too much will cause you to become exhausted, cancelling the workout.
  • You can change how long it lasts in the Config
  • This last part means you cannot have another script modifying your melee damage numbers or it will not work, if thats the case you can remove that part from your old script and the gl-fitness will take care of it, just modify the numbers to your liking in client.lua โ€œset melee damageโ€.

Bike & Jet Ski rentals

  • Rent a Beach Cruiser by the Yoga Instructor
  • Rent a Jet Ski down the beach towards the water (Life Guard Tower, look for the surfer)
  • BMX Competition guy will allow you to borrow a BMX Bike

All Peds will despawn if no one is around, to help ensure no ped pool crashes and respawn when within distance.

The script is pretty well optimized, running at 0.02-0.03ms. The code is relatively easy to follow along if you need to make any changes, and Iโ€™m more then happy to provide support here or in direct messages.



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